Biography of Rico Swavey from Big Brother Naija
Big Brother Naija is another type of mystery in Nigeria where ordinary people become very popular one day. Rico Swavey BBNaija is not an exception. Who does not want to get the big prize provided by the famous Reality TV show? Let’s take a look at one of the most popular contestants that is certainly on the way to grab his money

Rico Swavey Profile 
Who is Rico Swavey? The real name of this lad is Patrick Fakoya. His alma mater is Babcock University where he studied Law. According to Rico, he loves singing and swimming and very good at that. He is not an only child in his family. Rico also has seven siblings.
Rico’s family is very happy that he’s decided to try his talents on the TV show. They watch every episode to monitor his success. He is also one of the easy-going contestants. When he was asked about what would he do if had a million dollars, he replied that he would be in a big house just to catch waves.
Rico Swavey of BBN also gave interesting answers to other questions. For instance, what will he be brought into the Big Brother Naija House? According to his information, he is a pretty easy guy to like.
What will he do with the prize money? He wants to help his cousin who suffers from autism. He also dreams of investing the money into his music. He has an idea of a new sound which is called “Afrosantana” which should represent all people who stood up for him in the times of need. He is a protector who stands up for other people and especially his little cousin.
What is the most irritating for Rico Swavey BBNaija? He hates liars. For now, he is 25 years old.

Rico Swavey Career

He is a Nigerian actor and musician. Despite his tries to pursue the Law, he certainly likes entertainment industry. He is famous for the “Life 101” drama series. Do not forget about a number of “alternative” Hip Hop tracks to his credit.
Rico Swavey describes himself as an alternative artiste. Even if he has the Law training, he does not seem to use it in the shortest time. Rico Swavey of Big Brother continues to explore his artistic talents in the most famous reality show in Nigeria. He joined BBNaija on 28 January 2018. He cooked the most compared to other housemates. He revealed that the cooking is his way of expression.
For today, he is a part of double “Wahala” where he was paired with Bambam and Ahneeka. Nevertheless, Rico is really bad at creating any relationships on the project. Ahneeka was the first lady who turned down his courtesy. Weeks later, he started to hit on Alex. Nevertheless, she also gave him nothing as she had no feelings for him. He tried to get close to all ladies of the project but no results.
Nevertheless, it’s only the beginning for Rico Swavey. Who knows? Maybe he will become one of the most popular guys in Nigeria? It’s also quite possible as everything in this show can be changed in just one episode. Therefore, he still has all the chances to find love and fame on the beyond. The main task for him right now is to keep trying no matter the cost and one day he may become the most famous singer in Nigeria!

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