The Simplest way to Earn Up To 10-30k per Week this 2018 [ Tested and Trusted + Proof ]

Wakanda Nation gives you the rare opportunity to make money online when you register for Free, read our News and Gossips, share our posts on social media and interact with thousands of other forum members.  We believe that if it costs you money to come online, then you must be making money while online!

Wakanda Nation is owned and managed by Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.C.T business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110.  Address: Block A47 Royal Estate, Galadimawa, Abuja.  Phone: +2347069694497 or 08060992428. (8am – 5pm).
Easy ways to make Money on Wakanda Nation:
From the money we get from adverts we run for companies and agencies, we reward you in the following ways:
N50 – Daily Login Bonus. (once you login to your Wakanda Nation account)
N2 – for each comment you make on any of our posts.
N50 – For reading and sharing any Wakanda sponsored post on Social Media.
N400 (each) – For first 5 people to comment on Wakanda sponsored post each day.
N1000 – for each person you refer to join Wakanda Nation using your Affiliate Link. (This part is optional). For you to be eligible for this part Click Here
NOTE: There are two kinds of members on Wakanda Nation: Free Account members ( SIGN UP ) and Affiliate Account Members  ( SIGN UP ).
Members with Free Accounts can earn through all the means listed above except by referring others to earn N1000 each.  Only Affiliate members can refer others.
To become an affiliate member, you are required to pay a one-time Activation fee of N1,300 only! CLICK HERE TO BECOME AFFILIATE MEMBER
1. Withdrawal of Earnings is done on Fridays while Payment to members is on SUNDAYS.  Minimum withdrawal is N4,000.
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