Drama As Married Mother-of-three Blasts Twitter User Who Condemned Her Mode Of Dressing (Photos)

A woman has gone viral on social media after she slammed a Twitter user who called her out and shared her pictures on his page and condemned her mode dressing.
The lady who shared the photo and lambastedg the other victim
A Twitter user identified simply as TLFOCUS (@TLFocus), has been trailed with mixed reactions and criticisms after he was blasted by a woman, Bukola Wahab (@shawttynatt), who he had accused of wearing an indecent attire as a married woman.
He shared the photos of the lady’s controversial attire and wrote;
“What social media does to people can be best described as incredible. This is a married woman with 3 kids but feels comfortable revealing a part of her body that should be hidden just for social media clout. How about the husband stumbles on this?.”
As the Tweet vent viral, the woman reacted in a very hilarious and matured way.

“You must be very mad for judging me in the first place, I hope you know my entire generation too.

“I will reveal whatever I feel comfortable with. Get a life and stay away from mine,” she wrote.

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