I Never Knew He Was A Criminal – Druglord, El Chapo’s Ex-beauty Queen Wife Breaks Silence

Mexican druglord, El Chapo’s wife breaks her silence in first interview in years to insist she never saw him do anything illegal, and reveals she dreams of a peaceful life with her husband and twin daughters.
El Chapo’s wife, Coronel
The wife of the Sinaloa drug cartel leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman says she never saw her husband doing anything illegal while they were together.
She also says she dreams of a peaceful life with her family including her husband and their twin daughters somewhere far away.
Emma Coronel, the Los Angeles-born Mexican beauty queen, has been seen in Brooklyn federal court in recent weeks while her husband stands trial on multiple charges including murder conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering.
When Coronel, 29, was asked by Spanish-language network, Telemundo, on Monday if she had any clue about her husband’s criminal activities, she said she didn’t.
‘Of course not. The media outlets gave Joaquin too much fame,’ Coronel said of her husband. ‘They made him too famous.’
She also added that it was the media who built up El Chapo’s image as a notorious drug kingpin.
She also said El Chapo is very confident with how the case is proceeding.
‘He is clearly very positive. Very calm,’ the kingpin’s wife said. ‘I have never seen him calm, really. But as I can see, he is very positive… and very calm.’
El Chapo and wife during their wedding
In the rare 30-minute interview, Coronel also spoke about being a single mother to couple’s seven-year-old twin daughters.
Wearing a white suit, stiletto heels and a black lace top, she opened up about both the good and grueling days she’s had to endure in and out of court; and her dream of being distanced from all of the madness.
Coronel was criticized when she went all out with a Barbie-themed birthday bash for daughters Emaly Guadalupe y María Joaquina in August.
But as young as they both are, the mother has been transparent with the family’s situation which has drawn a worldwide audience.
‘I do not have to explain anything because they have always been aware of everything. So right now they do not ask me questions like, “where is my dad”, because they know everything,’ Coronel said.
El Chapo while arrested
‘They are aware and they are aware of everything,’ she added.
‘They know where their father is. They know what’s happening. They are aware of everything… They are very calm and very happy girls.’
Coronel’s day-long appearances inside the federal Brooklyn courtroom have been nothing less than agonizing.
‘Obviously, there are good days, there are bad ones,’ Coronel said. ‘There are days that I actually arrive without eating, that my head hurts.’
Coronel has even been at odds with the media while battling mood swings as she attends a trial that could send her husband to prison for the rest of his life.
‘In fact, there are days that I have left very, very tired and the journalists outside approach me and make it out to be like I left annoyed,’ El Chapo’s wife admitted.
‘It is very burdensome to go all day sometimes without eating or eating unhealthy, sitting on those [benches] that are uncomfortable and going out and suddenly they put the light or things like that [on you],’ she added.
‘So it’s like I go out with a headache and that’s why sometimes they say that she left angry, that she went out sad, no, I’m very positive, I’m very positive that everything will be fine.’

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